Make a Wish

Best thing I have found in the last few months? Oh why yes it is a app called Wish. Online shopping for way less than the original price. Even though it takes forever to get here in South Africa and it is “fakeup”, my life has been made easy and exciting. Been such a lovely experience to almost get daily gifts in the postbox.


Huda Beauty has been one of my favorites the last few months when I learned that there are more makeup brands than Camera brands. Above is the Huda Liquid Matte Lipstick. This one is called Famous. Not the exact color, but still amazing and sticks on those lips for the whole day. I also have trendsetter that my gorgeous mom has stolen the second I opened the package. I will admit that it is her color and is just as amazing. Both the lipsticks cost about R45/ $3 each including shipping. The Lip liner was about R30/ $2.


I have ordered more of the Lime Crime lipsticks. The top one is called Gemma, not as pigmented as I would have liked it to be, but it shimmers and it’s pretty. The Color is more like Asphalt of the Tragic beautiful collection. Also only cost me R30/ $2 and that is including shipping. I have ordered more to see what the rest look like.


Now for some Kylie Jenner. I do love her and follow her on Instagram, etc. However to buy her products is nearly impossible to get in South Africa, as well as I am not going to pay that much for a lipstick. I have drawn the line at MAC cosmetics until I can actually afford all these fabulous brands. Now fakeup Koko K does get things done and actually came with a Lip Liner, however it is very sticky and takes a while to dry. I have noticed that Lip Balm or some Lip Gloss does help with the stickiness and helps the lipstick stay on longer.


Now this gorgeous Copper Creme Shadow is the best thing I have bought off Wish. Was worth the wait and I did order some more. Waiting on the Rose Gold Kylie eye shadow and I can’t wait to try it out.

I still have a few lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and random fun makeup goodies coming that has me so excited. Just hope the rest will be as great quality as the things I have received thus far.


These brushes are non branded royalty, may I say they are amazing, soft, blends well and cost me not even R30 /$2.  They work well and made my life so much easier.

I am excited about this app and will keep using it even when I can afford the real deal. Just because you’re on a budget does not mean you have to save up for one product and not have the lipstick to match. For the love of expensive makeup and all things we can’t afford. Here is our gateway to heaven at a budget.



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