Hotel Living

What a much needed break to spend a night at the lovely Canal Quays at the Waterfront. We only went to visit our friend whom surprised us with her engagement news. So lovely to see people so happy. We ended up staying over and I could simply not fall asleep as I discovered Netflix. So with little sleep and way to much pizza it was one of my favorite days so far this year.

Even the construction across from the hotel wasn’t disturbing me at all. The weather was amazing, even though I am praying for some rain. We really need it. First things first a selfie had to be taken as we arrived just in time for sunset. 

I am still as I am writing this blog post feeling much more relaxed and stress free, even if it is for a little while. 

Mornings are for coffee and I myself might not be the caffeine queen, but make it a filter coffee and you will have me fighting for one cup. Hold the sugar, I am still on a diet and luckily enjoy the taste of Nespresso.

I got to enjoy the view as well and enjoy my bad habit of a few cigarettes. I hope I will toss it away soon and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Lastly I felt like the queen with breakfast and champagne. The perfect ending to my future goals.



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