Let’s scream The Body Shop

I might not be the best at skincare, but since I started using The Body Shop products I have found skincare heaven. The products are at a good price and best part it is cruelty free. 

I started buying this about 8 months ago and first two products was from the hemp collection. Body and face cream. Myself and my mother have been using this product especially because hemp seeds is a natural ingredient and has received positive feedback for years. It keeps my skin hydrated and I love the fact that it is not oily like so many products.

I avoided any kind of oils and creams as I hate the feeling of it on my hands. Been this way since I was a tiny human. 

We both have sensitive skin when it comes to anything to do with skincare. Scented products especially. I have used many products before as a teenager mainly for the price as it was very affordable. Now they are great for you as a teenager, but as an adult I had to make a change. 

As this line of products don’t have facial wash, scrubs, etc I moved over to the tea tree products. The reason I love it so much is based on the fact that I suffered at 16 with acne. It only lasted about 3months. Yes only roughly 3 months as my lovely grandmother gave me this no name bottle of tea tree face wash. This is now 10 years ago and my face cleared up within about 3 weeks. 

Amazed I kept using this product, but was never able to find it again. All I remember back then was that lovely smell. I eventually forgot all about this amazing face wash and tried a bunch of expensive products when I started working. Yay we finally had some money to spend, but I gave up as it made my skin itch and feel extremely dry. Positive part though, my acne never came back. Just the normal monthly issues.

After the discovery of the hemp products I finally had the guts to walk into The Body Shop. It is still overwhelming to see so many skincare products, but I walked in with attitude and got greeted by amazing and friendly staff.

I got some more body and face cream. Walked over to the tea trea products and then that smell. I just knew that I found it. After 10 years of wishing I could find it again, it was in my hands and ready to take my money. 

I still struggle to keep up the routine. If I do skip a few days and my skin breaks out, the products clears it up. I will probably from now on only buy my skincare products from The Body Shop. 

Next I will love to try their face masks, hair products and makeup. As a girl on a seriously strict budget, I don’t mind splurging on these. It lasts long, smells great and the products actually work. Don’t forget cruelty free. 



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