Do I really have to eat this?

The first struggle kicked in. No, not cravings, not eating to much or being hungry, but not being in the mood to eat at all. I am sure we all have our days where you are just not hungry or want to eat everything in the fridge. The really hard part is trying to eat 5 meals and all you want to do is say no thank you. (I do have manners sometimes). I have had a few days of not being hungry at all.

This is a problem as you need to eat to get your energy up and not feel sluggish or weak. I have been feeling horrible due to fact that I have not been able to finish my meals and skipping out on lunch. The snacks are great as they are small portions and keeps you going until your next meal. So the big question is what the heck do I do when I am feeling well “not so hungry”?

It is actually simple, just eat your food and shut up. It might sound a bit harsh on myself, but if I want the best results at the end of the month or to feel okay to work, that is simply how it will be. I am guilty, I will not lie, I have skipped those lunches for the last 2/3 days and today I felt so bad when I woke up. The really fun part, I had to go shopping for the weekly groceries.

I came home and ate my food once I was done. Struggle and all, I already feel so much better. I do love myself a fruit or two now and then, but to eat this everyday is not my exact favorite thing to do. As I am not consuming any artificial sugar or a lot of carbs and fats, this has affected my mood and of course my health.

Even though I do feel wonderful compared to 2 months ago, skipping that meal or snack is not giving me the lovely feeling I have been getting use to. I have also been lets call it researching a lot of dieting and healthy eating tips and all of these amazing “guru’s” have said do not skip your meals.

The diet I am currently on, gives you the right amount of nutrition to help you loose those extra kilos, as it is low in calories and to give you the energy to comfortably go about your day. Even to hit the gym and do an intense workout.

My brain decided that I did not need to eat the fruit for lunch and I skipped it right to my soup (snack time). It made me full, but what I was forgetting is that those fruits have the sugar I need to basically not faint when I am walking around. Unfortunately I am  one of the unlucky girls, who gets dizzy and nauseous when I do not consume some type or kinds of sugars for to long.

One thing I do know is that all these “guru’s” and dietitians love to advise, is always do not eat too much fruit. This is where the confusion kicks in and even though I fall in the group of over curious people, this did not make to much sense to me over the last few years or made me curious enough to ask why. I simply did not give a hoot.

Now that I looked up everything I could about fruit and sugar, I am 200% sure I will find more, but now I understand the basics of what kinds to avoid and what I should eat more of. Lesson learned.

So here is my lunch down below. “Oh and a little tip from me to me. Buy different kinds each week Bibi. You will not get bored of eating those bananas and apples”.





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